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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Superior Girl, Just Before Lights Out!

One delightful benefit of fighting many superheroines is that despite giving them titanic beatings or delivering awesome damage from doomsday weapons or fooling them into cataclysmic traps, they hardly ever show damage. While I revel in defeating highly talented "human" heroines, like Batgirl, Black Canary, or Zantana, who fold like card tables when hit behind the ear by a well delivered blackjack blow, I am thrilled beyond joy when dropping a 9 story building on a weakened superheroine which, except for knocking her out cold and perhaps destroying her costume (assuming it was made with "earthly" materials), leaves her without cut, bruise or blemish. As a practitioner of non-lethal subdue, seduce, defeat and capture techniques (ANY dope can kill a superheroine), it is so refreshing to lash out without restaint at a superheroine whose ego is as big as her bust and whose self righteous blather is as long as her sculpted legs, knowing you will just shut her up of a few hours by putting her baby blue lights out.
A prime example is my recent (July, actually) capture of Superior Girl. Fairly inexperienced she is a top level superheroine with super strength, flight capabilities, heat vision and she is virtually invulnerable. She can be physically defeated by several different alien beings, but they either exist in different dimentions or on far distant planets. Her only weakness on Earth (non-public information) is rare Argon gas. Her weakness is proportionate to the percent of Argon in the air. In light concentrations, she would feel sick and weak, her powers undependable while a pure Argon gas atmosphere would knock her out cold and leave her completely helpless. The gas seems to stun the sections of her brain that control strength, speed, coordination and vision for a day or two, depending on length of exposure.

Being a severely self repressed personality and in total denial of her own considerable beauty and sexual appeal, she is also extremely vulnerable to various seduction techniques. These seduction techniques do not weaken her but she is more likely to do something stupid when she is sensually aroused.

Superior Girl, working in her secret identity as stodgy, librarian, Heidi von Tilden met a visiting nuclear reseacher, handsome Dr. Simon Needs (lil ole me). After a planned, clumsy approach and her initial suspicious reaction, innocent Heidi is thoroughly seduced by honeyed words, skilled caresses and some torrid romps through the references. Subtly, without raising her suspiscions, I increased my energy intensities and sensual seduction to JUST titilate a super powered being. Soon I could tell that not only was Heidi von Tilden seduced but Superior Girl as well. The superheroine in her was losing control as occassional barely controled crushing leg scissor, while my long, wet tongue caressed and teased the moist velvet female cleft between her shapely thighs or her embraces that surpassed normal human female power, were accompanied by a red cheeked, mumbled apology. She finally stammered she had something very important to tell me. I told her to wait till the following evening and tell me when we were up in my luxurious cabin on the shores of Penobscott Bay in Maine.

As we lay on the pillowed floor before a cozy lit fireplace, fine chilled champagne bottles lay emptied. Heidi took a deep breath and stumbled to her feet. "Simon, I have to tell you something. I'm not who you think I am." she said, slowly and carefully forming her words. "What are you talking about?" I asked getting to my feet and feinting ignorance. Her form phazed out and seconds lated phazed back a very recognizable bikini clung tightly to her phenomenal and powerful body. Her blonde hair, normally in a tight bun hung beautiful and loose over her shoulders, her thick glasses gone. "I am Superior Girl." My eyes grew wide in mock surprise. Before she could say a word more I crossed to the bedroom and mumbled, " Well, I suppose you should know I have a surprise for you too." With that I smiled at her, entered the bedroom and closed the door. Sighing deeply in relief, Superior Girl crossed to the door and knocked. "Simon, where is my surprise?" she asked coyly, rubbing the inside of her smooth, tanned thigh up the edge of the polished door frame. "Come and get it, baby.", I answered my voice husky and thick with erotic promise.

Throwing the door open and stepping in. Except for the luxurious bed and furniture, the room is empty. I am nowhere to be seen. A quiet hiss is heard. Suddenly Superior Girl reels as her whole body is slammmed by massive pain and impact. She drunkenly staggers, her head rolling loosely, disoriented, her blue eyes rolling unfocused. The blonde bombshell groans loud and long till her voice is a strangled whisper. "Argon, ooooh who are you?" as she collapses weakly on the bed. My sensors indicate 85 % Argon saturation in the air. The bed drops down in free fall 200 feet. The stainless steel room the bed and Superior Girl drop into is crowded with heavy equipment. Three heavy, robotic 24 ton pneumatic hammers slam down in sequence, pulverizing the stricken Superior Girl and reducing the bed to tiny splinters. Pure instinct drives the superheroine to lurch up lashing out with her last bit of strength, her powerful legs kicking and trashing two of the massive hammers, two powerful punches caves in the remaining hammer, destroying it. Barely able to stand Superior Girl is caught full body by a rocketing column of solid super heavy carbo-tanium which slammed the almost helpless superheroine into and through the stainless steel wall.

Power sensors indicated that Superior Girl who lay out streached on the cold steel floor had only 5% of her original Superior power. Minutes passed as the almost KOed superheroine slowly, painfully staggered to her high heeled feet. She was totally unaware of the my powerful and sexy bodyguard, Lisette behind her, a black spandex body suit and tights emphasizing her every luscious curve. Lisette would "play" with Superior Girl later, but it was time for business. Lashing out with a super powerful kick, The bare foot of the Asian beauty landed with boulder cracking power between the near finished bikinied superheroine sending her screaming in pain as she soared in the air, without the flying capability. Landing with a crash at my feet, her head rolled side to side, her powerful and sensuous legs trying in vain to get her to rise to the battle. I looked down at the beaten, spreadeagle superheroine, amazed. She still looked perfect. Not a cut, scratch, bruise or a single drop of blood. She looked like she was recovering from a heavy sexual adventure rather than a beating that would have killed a lesser being. I felt a surge of joy.
Looking at the power sensors indicators, her energy was at 2%. Gallantly helping her to her feet. I lightly tapped her on her soft lightly rouged cheek till she could focus on me with vacant, dazed eyes. Her hands unconsciously massaged her aching groin. " Superior Girl," I whispered in her ear. "I am Dr. Simon Desire and you are my prisoner." With that, her eyes, still totally dazed, widened in recognition. Every muscle in her awesome body tensed in a futile attempt to fight me. Quadrupling my muscular density, I hit Superior Girl with every vestige of power I had; a right hook that would have been worth of the most powerful superhero. Superior Girl slammed through the steel wall and demolished the already inoperable robotic hammers.

Entering the room the super powered bikinied beauty lay unmoving amidst the wreakage of the bed and the robots. Power sensors read her output as 0% active power, vital power at 100%, alive, but knocked out cold. My bare toes lightly kicked the moist camel toe between her perfect thighs. She did not budge. She was out cold. Reaching down to grab her wrist, I slung her limp but gorgeous body over my powerful shoulder and headed for the dungeon. I could have let a lackey do this menial task, but this one I would enjoy.

What would you do with Superior Girl?

Sell her to the highest bidder
Keep her as a sex slave.
Let her go. She's a good egg.
Humiliate her further with beatings.
Test all her powers for future weapons.
Try to bring her over to the Dark Side.

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