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Saturday, May 30, 2009

KOed Superheroine Sleeping on the Job - New Applicant Please Apply!!!

Wanted - Superheroines, detectives, role playing female wrestlers (heroic type).
Dr. Simon Desire, Super criminal mastermind and his beautiful Chinese assistant Lisette seek rookie and/or veteran superheroines, detectives, adventerers, female wrestlers and other do gooders (and deluded do baddies) for entertainment as they carry out their nefarious crimes against humanity and civilized society.
The Purple Angel (knocked out cold in the picture) has come after the evil doctor and his super seductive assistant multiple times. She has been sleepered, breast smothered, "kissed out", pile driven, punched out, gassed, darted, drugged, crotch smothered, chloroformed, head scissored, nerve pinched, shocked, bear hugged and knocked out cold by no less than 12 different wrestling holds, throws and punches. Still, she tracks them down or tries to navigate Dr. Desires castle, providing exemplary entertainment for the evil ones. What fun!!!
Others powerful heroines have come after these super criminals (you know who you are) and have damaged certain operations while providing wonderful entertainment and have, occassionally decorated various hideouts for a time with their helpless, curvaceous forms. Rugs, candle holders, soup tureen holders, salad plates, bedspreads, foot warmers and even warmer more intimate functions, some superheroines and ambitious do gooders have willingly submitted to the power and suductive force after being physically subdued by Desire. All return, true to form and continue the eternal strife between good and Evil.
Rookie and veteran heroines, super and otherwise are wanted to challenge the awesome power and devious genius of Desire. You will need cunning as well as strength to prevail. The odds are you will fight and struggle, but sooner or later, you will fall, the victim of Desire.
Contact Meno for details. :^)
How was the Purple Angel knocked out?
Dr. Desire latched on a Sleeper hold and it was beddy bye baby.
Lisette "kissed out" the purple clad beauty. What a way to go.
Dr. Desire hit the babe with a drug dart to the tit. A chemical lulabye.
Lisette cleaned her clock with a roundhouse kick to the chin.
Lisette weakened her with a low blow from behind as Desire KOed her with an uppercut.
Dr. Desire brought the Angel to earth with a flying piledriver. Nap time!
Your choice - * HINT * leave a comment

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